Care tips for your plants

1. Allow your plant to settle in its new home properly by allowing it to stay in its original pot for at least 48hrs before you transfer them into a different pot. This will save the plant's life if its not comfortable with its new environment.

2.Keep your plant in an environment with a source of light to help with photosynthesis which every plant need to grow.

3. Don't give your plant too much water at a time and remember some plants do not need water every day. 

4. Transfer your plant immediately into a new roomy pot if you notice the white roots popping out through the holes under the pot.

5. Keep indoor plants in an enclosed area and out door plants in the open. Its vey important to make sure your plants are comfortable in their new environment. Remember plants have life just like us and deserves to be taken good care of to grow properly like a new born baby.


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